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Modern Vegan Cooking

In an ancient Vietnamese ambience

Small – but beautiful

Without any missionary zeal we try to convince by excellent cooking. We offer in Berlin familiar environment, wow quality and nice arrangements. The whole family – as it is tradition in Vietnam – is working ambitiously to prepare your culinary party. Continuously we are looking for new, sophisticated dishes in a vegan way of preparing. There are no limits for creativity, especially top ingredients make top dishes.

Vegan Living 1990

Unforgettable delicious food you will remember

If you want to eat vegan food  you can have it in perfection at our place. Salads, soya, vegetables in an unbelievable variety and of course all vegan dishes with coco, peanut and many other components, too. Deli, you forever may remember!

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Door to a vegan world

“Small is beautiful” is our slogan, so we are able to devote all our time to our guests. Cosy comfortable dimensions of ambience make you feel like being in a little Vietnamese house and the family is welcoming and catering you.